Tao Horeca Group

Tao Group is an Amsterdam based holding of three companies: Jimmy Woo Club, Bar Ludwig and Tao Horeca . Next to these companies, Casper is a co owner in several collaborations; Bo Cinq - Lion Noir - Rosa's Cantina (restaurants) & the Chicago Social Club.

All establishments are found in the vicinity of the well known 'Leidseplein' in the heart of Amsterdam.

Casper Reinders, CEO, is the creative brain and the company's representative. In 2004 & 2012 he was chosen as 'most distinct night life entrepreneur' by 'Koninklijk Horeca Nederland' & Horeca Entrepeneur of the year by The Venuez Awards. Casper carefully maintains contact with people and companies from both inside and outside the nightlife branch.

The communicative skills of Casper and the extensive network of Tao Group BV and his collaborations are an ideal platform for creating innovative ideas and finding new markets. The Tao Horeca Group seeks for specialization and cooperation with other people and businesses. Thus, the vision of the holding is that the current economic climate and the 'sharing economy' make it necessary for companies to provide the best quality and service and work together with other companies to share and create new ideas.

Tao Group will always strive for unique and surprising new concepts where maintaining and improving the quality of service, interior, sound, lighting, food and drinks will have the number one priority.


Tao Group BV
Prinsengracht 715
1017 JW Amsterdam

BO5 (Restaurant/Lounge/Bar)

At the end of October 2009, Bo Cinq quietly opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam’s nightlife district. Bo Cinq keeps it’s best secrets for friends and explorers. Hidden behind two entrances, one with terrace, at the Prinsengracht 494 and at the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 93 – 95 one can find a refined eatery and two spacious lounges one of which is dedicated to the old-fashioned joy of smoking a cigarette.

Website: http://www.bo5.nl

Chicago Social Club (Bar/nightclub)

Website: www.chicagosocialclub.nl

Chow (Restaurant)

This pan-Asian restaurant opened its doors in August 2013 and is another one of Casper Reinders’ hotspots. The décor is a mix of colonial and contemporary. Some of the historical pieces of the old Bols building are kept, like the amazing bar on the left and parts of the floor. Casper decorated the restaurant with eclectic art-pieces from all around the world to spice up the atmosphere.

The dinner menu is pan-Asian and takes you on a journey through Asia; from the Vietnamese countryside to the fishing villages of Japan to the food markets of Thailand – at Chow you will enjoy all the freshly prepared dishes prepared by chef Ben and his talented team. Don’t forget to also check out the delicious Vietnamese street food Chow serves for lunch prepared by the chefs of next doors Vietnamese take away restaurant Nghia ‘N Nhgia.

Pop in to enjoy the dishes to die for. No doubt, Chow will exceed your expectations!

Website: www.restaurantchow.nl

Huf (Diner/bar)

A culinary late night diner in Amsterdam, on the Reguliersdwarsstraat 41 that opened its doors in December 2013. Huf is a cosy characteristic place. Old wooden beams on the ceiling, a wall un-bricked and a beautiful antique brass beer tap. From 4pm to 1am you can go here for the best cheese fondue, bratwurst with sauerkraut, Philly cheesesteak more surprising dishes. For the healthy eaters are here delicious salads on the menu. For each a treat to order. Host Mark will welcome you with open arms for a drink and snack.

Website: http://www.barhuf.nl/

Jimmy Woo (Nightclub)

Special trips, enrichment and exciting encounters have given Mr. Woo new energy and inspiration to redecorate his home in Amsterdam, more rough and bizarre than ever. Inspired by knowledge -and love- of art and materials combined with a refined sense of the latest trends in music and design.

The interior
The signature originates from Jimmy Woo’s personal view of the world, from South Africa, Italy, Asia and LA to the Belgian brasseries and nightclubs in the sixties to eighties. In summary: LA, Rock & the eighties.

A few clues: Casper Reinders (owner), chose cork on the walls, moon-shaped seating booths, one with bronze resin topped skull and bonebar of artist John Broad, multi-round DJ booths and a laboratory of Bols genever. The new color: brown.

Throughout the club you find eighty copper domed lamps hanging, designed by Maretti and custom made. The impressive lamp above the staircase is created by Thijs Murre. Suede sofas, an original Persian rug on the floor and antique cabinets behind the bar. Tattoo Artist Tygo Veldhoen signed a performance art on the wall that runs the books. Architecture, history, rock and the photos of Michael Josephs, shot with a traditional 35mm black and white film, gives a unique perspective. After seven years of loyal service one element survives the make-over: the fascinating ceiling with more than twelve thousand lamps.

Jimmy Woo –again- has found his own style. Superior craftsmanship of artists, the world of Mr. Woo anno 2012 made sexy and raw.

Mr. Woo's new lifestyle and renewed originality will be reflected in the club. Jimmy Woo redefined.

Libertine (Gallery)

Lion Noir (Restaurant/bar)

Opened quietly its doors to the public in December 2010. Located on the happening street the Reguliersdwarstraat Amsterdam, Lion Noir offers a delicate lunch, cocktails and a fine French dining experience by head chef Edo Kamping (Restaurant Bordewijk, Restaurant Blender, Hotel Restaurant Jagershuis).

Lion Noir is a collaboration between three extraordinary entrepreneurs: Casper Reinders (nightclub Jimmy Woo, bar/restaurant Bo5), Mr Yen (restaurant Dynasty, bar-restaurant Bo5), and Serge Rijn (restaurant Serge). A great mix of people, who compliment each other in an amazing way.

For the interior they called in Thijs Murre, who together with Casper Reinders made some inspirational trips to Paris, France, and created a unique, warm and home-like atmosphere.

Website: http://www.lionnoir.nl

Rose's Cantina (Restaurant)

Famous Mexican restaurant Rose's Cantina at the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam, will be completely redesigned by Casper Reinders. Not only the interior wil be surprising, but also the new menu. From December 1st 2012, the new must-go restaurant (re)opens its doors. Rose’s Cantina’s kitchen, the Cuisina Panamericana, serves many traditional dishes using South American organic products.

Website: http://www.rosescantina.com