Trends: Watch This

Mar 7, 2013

It’s all about time, especially these days. Admit it, you are on the running all the time, you have a super busy schedule and it feels like you’re always in a hurry. Some call it busy life, I call it Stress society.
When it’s all about time, we have to make the best of it. For that we have AÃRK Collective.

This watch designers are driven by their desire to create en showcase their vision. That is actually their way to make ideas come to life. I was impressed by the minimalistic design, but then I discovered that all the watches can be connected with each other. So every owner of a AÃRK can be connected, which can cause beautiful things...

This in Melbourne based collective is very small though independent and that’s just the key to keep it personal. Besides, they operate very transparent, which makes that they win the trust of customers.

And all credits to their design team. the style off the watches is perfectly implemented in the package. And package is something we, sometimes unconsciously, really fall for. At last, they say:
Our timepieces are a reflection of us; who we are, what we love and everything we believe in.

Time for a new watch right?!

X Kimberley